Summer in Full Swing!

Hi everyone!

Everybody enjoying the heat? ¬†ūüėČ It makes it very tricky to deliver cakes! ¬†This week I’m making a cake that is in the shape of the Tampa Bucks logo. ¬†I am very excited about it because I get to use my new Cricut Cake machine for the graphics! ¬†I have also added some new pictures to my website of the chocolate frames, a figure I made, and a cake I made for Father’s day. ¬†The chocolate frames will soon have their own page with links to the artist, so be looking for that. ¬†The count down has started until our trip to NYC for classes at Cake Alchemy!! ¬†Here is the link if you’d like to check them out- ¬† ¬†The Homeschool Chocolate Rose Class was a Great¬†Success! ¬†There were 11 students who were very artistic! ¬†Thanks to Allison and Ashley for hosting! ¬†We will be setting up another homeschool class soon! ¬†I would also like to thank everyone for all the AWESOME comments!! ¬†You guys Rock! ¬†I will post pictures of the Bucks cake when it’s done. ¬†Happy 4th of July!!

Sidney ūüôā


New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog!! ¬†I decided to start this blog so I could keep everyone in the loop on whats going on with me and my cakes. ¬†Here I will post things about new cakes and sculptures I’m creating, classes I’m giving and taking, trips, and anything new going on with Simi Cakes & Confections! ¬†You can also check out my website for more info and pictures. ¬†It’s- ¬†Please tell all your friends about us! Thanks for reading!