New York City was incredible!!  Hot, but incredible..


We landed and went directly to visit Colette Peters of Colette’s Cakes to see her bakery and get an autographed copy of her wonderful book, “Cakes to Dream On.”  You can visit her website at colettescakes.com.  She used to work for Tiffany’s and it shows in her amazing sugar work.

We were fortunate enough to get an advanced sugar class with Lauri Ditunno at Cake Alchemy.  We made beautiful coral pieces, swirled bases, and blown sugar fish, to name a few.   Lauri’s creations in sugar look like they belong in a gallery rather than something you could eat!  After class, we were invited to stay and work in the studio.  We enjoyed our days of working in a high paced New York City bakery.  Lauri works with very talented artists, so thank you to Christine, Claudia, and Lauri  for making our experience so memorable.

We visited more than a dozen bakeries while we were there.  I’ll give you my reviews in my next post.  🙂

See you then,




Hey Everybody!

Last week I made a cake that was based on a design from Martha Stuart.  It was a dark chocolate cake with decadent whipped chocolate ganache covered in bright yellow fondant and dainty daisies.  I have attached a picture of it.  Also, I attended a class by James Roselle from Elle Cakes in L.A. on sugar flowers!  It was awesome.  We learned how to make an iris from France, cherry blossoms from Japan, a lily from Italy, a cattleya orchid from Brazil, and a tulip from Holland.  He is very good at teaching and is an amazing artist.  His edible flowers looked so real and came alive with airbrushing techniques.  I can’t wait to create  the flowers he made when I get back from NY.   I have attached a picture with James.  I’m all packed and ready to go!!!  Talk to you soon!



Hey Everybody!

I’ll  start off by telling you about the class I took last week.  I took a chocolate curl class with Norman Davis and Zane Begg from The Sweet Life from the D. C. area!  It was awesome!!  They were great teachers and we learned all about the Food Network and that it’s nothing like what we see on TV!!  You can check them out at thesweetlife.com.  I have been making curls ever since!  🙂   I have also attached a picture of a cake I made for a UCF Reunion earlier in the week.  I airbrushed it gold and used my Cricut Cake machine to cut out the logo.  The next cake I’m doing is a repclia of a cake Martha Stewart made.  I will post pictures of it as soon as I’m done!  Now, we start packing for NYC and Cake Alchemy!  I’m sure I’ll have lots to blog about…  Talk to you guys soon!


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4th of July Cakes!

Hey Everyone!

This week I was very busy making two cakes for the holiday.  I made a cake in the shape of the Tampa Bucks logo that I told you about earlier in the week, and I made a cool zebra cake which looked like it had zebra stripes on the inside (I did the stripes red, white, and blue since it was for the 4th of July 🙂 ) !  I have attached pictures of each.  The zebra cake was a vanilla cake with chocolate icing to hide the inside surprise.  The Buck’s Flag was a yellow cake with buttercream icing under the airbrushed fondant and a strawberry filling.   It’s been a busy day, so in the next post I’ll tell you all about the chocolate class I attended.  Thanks for reading!