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I have been very busy these last few weeks and have not had time to write so I will catch you up!    First, I would like to thank every one for helping me get to my 1000th view on my website!!  Yay!!  It’s been a fun month to make cakes!   The first one was a huge fortune cookie!  It was a white chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache.  I carved it and covered it in fondant for a smooth life like texture.  The second was a Sea Life cake with edible hand dusted fondant shells and coral on it.  It was a dairy-free carob cake. Next was a lace wedding  cake with red flowers all over it (like the one I talked about making in my last blog post).  Other new little edibles we made are three cute little dragon cake toppers and little fairy baby cake toppers!  AND we made a few Victorian cupcakes and sea life cupcakes.  Whew!  It is going  to be a fun month with the Brevard Cake Artist’s Club starting and teaching at the Day of Sharing in Daytona!  I will blog more about those next time!

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Hi everybody,

This week I made a few different cakes.  I made a butterfly themed birthday cake with hand painted butterflies and vines all over it.  The monarchs and blue morphos were replicated authentically from nature.  And thank goodness they were because the birthday girl works at our zoo and noticed it right away!  The next cake I made was a wedding cake covered in edible lace and pearls.  It will be going with us to compete in a wedding compition.  I like the lace so much that I am going to build a second lace cake, this time with hydrangias and orchids.  The last cake I made was a mosiac chocolate tiled cake.  For the tiles, I hand painted chocolate onto a plastic-like material and then broke it into mosaic picecs.  I will be showing a demo of my technique at the first Brevard Cake Artists meeting.  If anyone is interested in more information or joining the Brevard Cake Artists, please email me at info@simicakes.com.  Cakes I’m looking forward to making soon are a carob cake that is dairy free and a Percy Jackson “The Lightning Thief” cake.  Thanks for reading!

Sidney 🙂



Today, I’m helping out on the blog for Sidney as she is busy with cakes for the week.  Some info is hers and some is mine, but you get a better perspective that way!  Here is the picture of the cake she delivered last night for an 18th Surprise Birthday Celebration!  Luckily, the rain stopped for 2 minutes while we scurried in the hotel ballroom to deliver.  Happy Birthday Courtney!

Tour of New York Deserts!

While in New York City we had a chance to sample some famous classic deserts, some new and trendy deserts, and introduced to some off the wall and out of the ordinary treats.  We didn’t get close to trying them all, but we can make a few suggestions!

The Magnolia Bakery-We actually walked in circles to find this one, but it was right under our noses.  They have a few locations around the city, but we visited the 401 Bleeker Street shop in the Village.  We tried their Magic Cookie Bars with chocolate, gram cracker, and walnuts.  It was divine.  We enjoyed it so much we visited a second time.  They were busy day and night.  There was a huge line out the door at 10pm on a Wednesday.  They offer cakes, cookies, brownies, and their service was quick and friendly.  Magnoliabakery.com

In Tribeca Treats we sampled their lovely, delicate looking chocolate truffles.  The three we tasted were champagne, coffee, and a milk and dark chocolate.  All three were beautifully decorated and very tasty.  Owner, Rachel Schifter Thebault, is releasing a book, Sweet Chic, Stylish Treats to Dress Up for Any Occasion, on October 26, 2010.  They are located at 94 Reed Street, between W. Broadway and Church.  Tribecatreats.com

Billy’s Bakery at 75 Franklyn St, also in Tribeca (with another location in Chelsea), had the absolute best cupcakes we’ve ever tasted.  We split a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  It melted in your mouth.   The taste was perfect.  They offer many varieties of cakes.  Billysbakerynyc.com

At La Maison Du Chocolat located in Rockefeller Center, we sampled macarons and sorbet.  Macarons are meringue sandwich cookies with wonderful fillings.  We tried the raspberry, pistachio, and mocha varieties.  The mocha cookie had the most flavorful taste, but they all were a delightful, delicate treat.  We only had room to sample the sorbet and we chose chocolate and it was creamy and rich and wonderfully cool on a 97 degree day.  Lamaisonduchocolat.com

The Chocolate Bar was a small retro chocolate house.  We tried a salty chocolate pretzel bar with pretzel chunks that was amazing, a peanut butter and jelly chocolate truffle, and a coconut lemongrass chocolate truffle.  The PB&J was a wonderful balance of salty and sweet.  The lemongrass was not too strong, but a lovely sweet tang with a taste of the tropics.  They offer specialty chocolate drinks as well.  Their store is located at 19 8th Ave in the Village.  Chocolatebarnyc.com

The one place you cannot miss just for its atmosphere and history, not to mention its fabulous bakery, is Ferrara’s Bakery and Café.  They have been in operation since 1892.  Located at 195 Grand Street, in the ever shrinking Little Italy, they make every classic pastry in the cannoli and puff variety.  Their gelato is the creamiest and most decadent.  Because it is so hard to decide, they make all their pasties in a miniature size too, so you can order a plate of 3 to sample.  If everyone at the table orders this you can almost try them all!  Ferraracafe.com

L’atelier du chocolat, New York offered the best selection of chocolates we have ever seen.  Created by Mater Chocolatier Eric Girerd by blending tastes from Asia and France and breaking down the tastes into 8 categories: Citrus, Floral, Fruity, Herbal, Balsamic, Marine, Roasting, and Spiced.  He offers such tastes as Curry, Chardonnay, Nori, Peruvian Salt, Ylang Ylang, Chocolate from around the globe, and his signature chocolate made with Wasabi.  Not only were their chocolates delicious, the service was top notch.  They are located at 59 W 22nd Street conveniently across from the NY Cake Supply Store.  Egchocolates.com and NYCake.com

We enjoyed stopping in at Dylan’s Candy Bar on the Upper East Side, and the M&M’s store and Hershey’s store in Times Square.  They all offer incredible amounts of candy if this is your passion.  Dylanscandybar.com, mymms.com, and hersheys.com/sidcover/timesquare.asp

One of the most unique restaurants we enjoy in NYC is a vegetarian, kosher, Chinese restaurant in China Town located at 5 Mott Street.  Buddha Bodai offers a tofu cheese cake that is very rich and delicious.  But first start with one of their healthy and flavorful dinners such as mock jellyfish (really it’s taro root) or vegetarian duck, chicken, or BBQ.  Your taste buds won’t know what hit them!  Buddhabodai.com

One of our favorite diners in NYC is the Gee Whiz Diner at 295 Greenwich Street also in Tribeca.  Since we were sampling deserts we met our family at the diner for sweets our last evening in the city.   As usual, they did not disappoint.  We tried the classic cheesecake, egg creams, and black and white cookies.  They are a wonderful little Greek diner with everything you can possibly imagine.  Years ago we asked them to make a pumpkin cheese cake for us.  We have never stopped raving about it and discuss it every time we visit.  212-608-7200

During our time at Cake Alchemy we were able to sample Lauri Ditunno’s wonderful cakes and fillings.  All of her cakes were moist and delicious and we tried the passion fruit filling and dulce de leche that made your head spin it was so wonderful.  You will never be disappointed in her beautiful cakes.  Each one is a work of art that you won’t want to cut, but you better because the inside is not to be missed!  One of Lauri’s interns is attending the French Culinary Institute and we were allowed to be her guinea pigs to try her s’more bon bons.  They were very delicious and I’m sure she did very well on the assignment.

A few places we hoped to try, but just ran out of time, were the Cup Cake Stop, a mobile cupcake truck, Baby Cakes Vegan Bakery, The Little Pie Company, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Crumbs, and the Cup Cake Café.

So as you see we will just have to go back for research purposes.  Have a sweet day!

Michelle and Sidney