Hi everybody,

This week I made a few different cakes.  I made a butterfly themed birthday cake with hand painted butterflies and vines all over it.  The monarchs and blue morphos were replicated authentically from nature.  And thank goodness they were because the birthday girl works at our zoo and noticed it right away!  The next cake I made was a wedding cake covered in edible lace and pearls.  It will be going with us to compete in a wedding compition.  I like the lace so much that I am going to build a second lace cake, this time with hydrangias and orchids.  The last cake I made was a mosiac chocolate tiled cake.  For the tiles, I hand painted chocolate onto a plastic-like material and then broke it into mosaic picecs.  I will be showing a demo of my technique at the first Brevard Cake Artists meeting.  If anyone is interested in more information or joining the Brevard Cake Artists, please email me at info@simicakes.com.  Cakes I’m looking forward to making soon are a carob cake that is dairy free and a Percy Jackson “The Lightning Thief” cake.  Thanks for reading!

Sidney 🙂



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