Hello everyone,

I will start off by telling you about the FL ICES Day of Sharing in Daytona.  There were about 125 people attending.  Most of them brought cakes or show pieces; there was some beautiful work there.  There was everything from gumpaste figures, flowers, cakes, to little edibles.  I did my demo on a Cast Isomalt Under the Sea Structure.  After the demo many audience members came up to me and told me they were going to try Isomalt after seeing how easy it was. I was very happy about that.  The other presenters were Filomina Koolman-Vos who created beautiful tropical flowers, Lisa Menz who showed how to Wallpaper a wedding cake using PhotoFrost sheets, and Ximena Sempertegui who taught how to make an adorable ‘Fall in Love Baby’ in a carriage.  All the demos were wonderful.  They also held a Cake Challenge.  Three teams of decorators were picked to compete and they all created awesome cakes using tools they were provided and some from vendors around the room.  11 members from our local cake club, Brevard Cake Artists, were able to join us.  We also got to visit with  some of our friends from The Palm Beach Sugar Artists Club, CAGO, the Orlando cake club, and Florida members from Cakes We bake, which is an online cake decorating network.  One of my personal highlights was to meet Edna De La Cruz who is an amazing sugar artist and teacher.  It was a lot of fun!!

In addition to the DOS, I made some ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ Cupcakes for a book club meeting.  They were vanilla cake that I dyed blue to go with the theme and they were decorated with gold lightning bolts.  There was also a plaque that said, ‘Happy Belated Birthday Percy!’ to go with it.

I am also going to be making another Percy Jackson cake along with a Twilight themed cake in a couple of weeks.  I am starting to plan for competitions that are coming up this year including a wedding dress replicated on a cake.

I am going to be teaching a pulled sugar and sugar bubbles class.  If you are interested please email me at info@simicakes.com.  Also please pass this information on to anyone you think would be interested.

I will be starting a chocolatier school very soon.  I am looking forward to creating many delicious chocolates.  And of course, I will need some volunteers to help me test them! 😉

Keep life sweet,

Sidney J

“Fact:  Chocolate is a vegetable, it comes from a bean”

Simi Cakes and Confections




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