Hi Everyone!

Wow, only a little more than two weeks until Christmas already!  I will start off with the cakes I have made lately.  First, a Harry Potter cake for a Sweet Sixteen!  The base was Harry’s school trunk and it had the cake Hagrid made for him in the first book/movie sitting on top of it (now don’t laugh at the spelling, it’s how Hagrid wrote it and Ashley wanted it to be authentic!).  Also on top was the Monster Book of Monsters which was eating the Maurder’s Map that said ‘I Solemnly Swear I’m Up to No Good!’.  I added Harry’s wand and Platform 9 3/4 Train Ticket to finish the cake!  It looked awesome and Ashley, the birthday girl, loved it!  Happy Birthday Ashley!

The next cake was a white wedding cake with spectacular blown sugar bubbles and hand pulled curlicues  all over it.  I made about 20 bubbles to cover this cake and it turned out amazing.  It was simple and elegant.

Ok, onto the classes.  We just hosted a Truffle and Holiday Mini Cake Presents Class.  Sadly, I wasn’t feeling very well and was not able  to teach.  Luckly the ‘Mi’  in Simi, my mom/partner was able to step in and teach the class for me.  She said all of the students were very creative, and by the end of the day they all had beautiful masterpieces.  We also have a Cricut Cake class coming up soon.  This Sunday George Reese is coming down to teach everything to know about the computerized, electric Cricut Cake Macheine.  Our Club, The Brevard Cake Artists, will be hosting him in Palm Bay and we are all very excited!!  He will be bringing along his wonderful assistant and wife (our very own Florida ICES representative, owner of Cakes Etc. in West Palm Beach, and my mentor).   After the Class we will have out first annual Christmas Party which will include a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange, food, and fun.

Ok, so the last thing I would like to write about is our new Sugar Free cake flavors!  We have Chocolate and Vanilla so far and if I do say so myself, they taste wonderful.  You can’t tell the difference between this and sugared cakes!

Well that’s all for now.  I will post more soon!  I hope everyone has a happy and sweet holiday!

Sidney 😀


‘Keep Life Sweet!’


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