Hi everyone!

First off, I have to tell you about the Cricut Cake Class given by George and Merrie Lee Reese from Cakes-Etc. in West Palm Beach.  It was amazing!  We learned loads of new techniques on graphics, letters, and drawings for the machine and he also showed us how to use some of the online programs that are available.  His gumpaste recipe was worth it’s weight in gold!!

After the class, our club arrived and we had our first annual Brevard Cake Artists Holiday Party!  We had a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange, lots of incredible food, and fun hanging out and having a chance to catch up!  I can’t wait until next year!!

The last thing I wanted to talk about was a class I taught to one of my fellow club members, Rosann.  We made isomalt and poured many molds!  She made a beautiful sugar bowl and sugar holly leaves!  You’re a great student Rosann!

Coming up soon, Gluten Free Cupcakes and a  Transformers Themed Cake!  Happy Holidays and a Sweet New Year to All!

Thanks for reading,

Sidney 😀


‘Keep Life Sweet!’


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