Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  It was a whirlwind!  After many cakes, dozens of cupcakes, and hundreds of chocolate truffles we finally have a day of rest!

It was a very exciting holiday season.  I made a gluten free cake and a dozen gluten free cupcakes covered them with ganache and chocolate shavings.  Another cake was completely sugar free chocolate with chocolate icing.  The cake that was so much fun to make was a Transformer’s themed cake for 11 year old Michel.  The top tier was Optimus Prime’s helmet and I added his flames in cast sugar for a fun effect.  I was invited to demonstrate holiday cupcake making at an open house for Caryl Pomales of Re/Max Olympic.  It was a beautiful house with the most incredible views of the ocean in Melbourne Beach.  I had a lot of fun making peppermint patties, stained glass ornaments, and s’more cupcakes.

Today is a day of rest, but tomorrow starts a big project to make 300 cupcake topper elements!  More on that project later…

Enjoy the last week of the year!  Keep life sweet,




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