Congratulations Hurston Family! It was a great week and a wonderful morning at your new home getting to meet you and present you with the cupcakes, chocolates, and gift certificate!  Thank you for doing so much to help clean water around the globe.

We would like to thank Jake Luhn, his wonderful family, and the Lifestyle Homes staff for bringing Brevard County together in this amazing project. It was an incredible honor to be part of something so positive for the community and help such a deserving family.

A huge thank you goes out to Kate, Page, and Nick of Benedict Advertising in Daytona.  You guys made our week smooth and seamless.  You made sure we were always in the right place at the right time and we always felt like we were on top of the situation in all this chaos.

Thank you Rosann for all your help this week.  We never could have done this project without you.  And thank you Jackie Powshok for all your help with cupcakes on the reveal day.  It was a blast handing out cupcakes with you to all the Lifestyle friends and family.

All in all, this week we made 10 deliveries, 1500 cupcakes and candies, 3 extreme cakes, and our live video feed was seen in more than 80 countries!  It really was an extreme week!

We are looking forward to a fun week of cakes and classes.  Talk to you soon…

Keep Life Sweet!






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