What a fun week so far!

Monday started with a great class at Crane Community Center in Melbourne.  We made painted chocolates.  Everyone had great use of color!  I was very impressed.  You can find a list of classes for Crane and other venues I’ll be teaching at on my website under classes.

We made animal print cupcakes for the Education Department at the Brevard Zoo.  I cut fondant circles and used the animal print stencils with some black icing to create the print.  They turned out so cute.

American Cake Decorating Magazine featured us on their website for the work we did on the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Space Coast project.  You can view it here: http://www.americancakedecorating.com/idea-gallery.html.

We shot a video for the Today Newspaper on putting together a sugar sculpture.  I decided on an Florida undersea theme.  They will air it starting 2/17.  Chris Kridler was the reporter and I found out she is also a storm chaser.  She has an incredible website that documents storms here in Florida and other areas, especially Tornado Alley.  Her pictures and info on storms are phenomenal!  Please check it out at: http://skydiary.com/

We held a chocolate tasting featuring 13 different brands of chocolate.  They ranged from the some of the most expensive chocolates to grocery store brands.  The chocolate was judged on aroma, taste, mouth feel, lingering taste, and overall opinion.  The results were surprising!  The expensive chocolates did well, but 2 less expensive chocolates (Lindt 70% and Hershey’s) came out in the top 4.

I forgot to mention the train cake we made a few weeks ago.  It was for 8 year old Gabe.  He is a train fanatic!  He knows every detail of every train.  We made him a replica of a P-42 Amtrak train he actually rode on.  And his favorite animals are manatees, so there is a tiny manatee engineer driving the train.  It was such a relief that the cake was up to Gabe’s expectations!  He was so happy and surrounded his cake with all his manatee stuffed animals!  Happy Birthday Gabe!

The rest of the week is writing research papers for chocolate school and making the final Extreme cake for the viewing party.  Everyone is invited to come down to the Cocoa Beach Hilton from 6-9 this Sunday, 2/13, and meet the Hurston family and enjoy Brevard County at it’s finest.  We are very proud to be part of such a wonderful community project.

We are gearing up for the It’s All About Chocolate Extravaganza  on 2/27 to benefit the Brevard Jewish Community School and Livestrong.  We will be serving up tasty treats including our wonderful Cocoa Ganache Truffles.  Here is an article in the Today newspaper with info and where to get tickets:  Please check it out at: http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20110209/NEWS0307/102090307/Chocolate+extravaganza+a+benefit+for+Brevard++Jewish+Community+School

Next week I start a VW Bug cake!  Can’t wait!

Keep Life Sweet,




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