Hello everyone,

It has been a lot of fun working on all the graduation cakes this week.  In addition to Park Avenue Christian Academy and Bayside High School, I was able to make a few cakes for graduating seniors.  There were a wide variety of ideas to create fun new cakes.  May was a big birthday month as well.  Greg’s birthday golf cake is on it’s way to Ft. Lauderdale for his surprise party right now.  Can’t wait to hear all about it.

We were able to custom mold a 3 1/4 inch sugar sapphire with 12-1/2 inch sugar diamonds for the Laurel Street Bakery in New Orleans.  They are placing them in the largest class ring you will ever see!

I saw the final draft of the article for American Cake Decorating Magazine and it should come out this summer.  I wrote a tutorial on cast and pulled sugar/isomalt techniques.  I’ll let you know when it is out.

We are holding many classes through the month of June.  Make sure you check the website to sign up for sugar instruction in the Melbourne and Jacksonville areas.  We will be listing the basic cake decorating classes very soon.

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Hi Everyone,

Today we are announcing the unveiling of our new logo!

Thanks Elisa Berman, Co-Owner of 3&1 Design Firm in New York, for designing a fabulous logo!  It’s just what we wanted!


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An Ounce of Mother is Worth More Than a Ton of Chocolate!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Hello everyone,

It was a great wrap up to the school year with the Homeschool Cake Class last week.  The students covered their cakes in fondant with vines, flowers, and butterflies.  Everyone did a beautiful and professional job!  We are planning 2 basic cake decorating classes over the summer that will be open to everyone.  I’ll let you know the details soon.  We finished up another series of Sugar/Isomalt Technique Classes and are looking forward to seeing everyone back for the advanced Stained Glass Sugar Class on the 15th.

I was invited by Jane Koon and Patrice Drinkard to teach in Jacksonville next month.  Patrice and I will be teaching the weekend of the 11th and 12th of June.  I’ll be teaching Isomalt Classes: 1,2,&3 and Patrice will be teaching her incredible Gumpaste Celebration Masks.  Patrice recently won the Florida ICED Cake Competition Grand Prize for her beautiful mask and she will be presenting at this years International Cake Exploration Societies International Convention.  For more information check out her website at http://www.patricespieces.org

Here is a list of my upcoming classes including Jacksonville:

Sugar/Isomalt Class Series
All supplies provided. Contact info@simicakes.com for more information

5/15/11        Melbourne, Fl
Class 4:  Advanced Techniques 2-4pm-Stained Glass Sugar
New Class-***Basic Silicone Mold Making 4:15-5:45pm
6/5/11           Melbourne, Fl
Class 2:  Sculpted and Pulled Sugar:Vines, Roses, Calla Lilies 12:30-2:30
Class 3:  Spun Sugar and Blown Bubbles 3-5pm

6/11/11         Jacksonville Classes
Class 1:  Casting Isomalt, Including Gems 10-12pm
Class 2:  Sculpted and Pulled Sugar: Vines, Roses, Calla Lilies 12:15-2:15
Class 3:  Spun Sugar and Blown Bubbles 3-5pm
6/12/11        Gumpaste Celebration Masks with Partrice Drinkard
for info contact Partice at http://patricespieces.org/

6/25/11        Melbourne, Fl
Class 1:  Casting Isomalt, Including Gems 10-12pm
Class 2:  Sculpted and Pulled Sugar: Vines, Roses, Calla Lilies 12:15-2:15
Class 3:  Spun Sugar and Blown Bubbles 3-5pm

The Brevard Cake Artist’s Club were very busy gathering donated items for the Florida ICES Day of Sharing at our last meeting.  All the money earned will go to the Florida ICES Scholarship Fund.  If you would like to donate a “cake” related item, please email us at http://www.info@simicakes.com.  We also had a demonstration by Tina on baby monkey figures in gumpaste and basic mold making with Michelle.  Next month Maritza will demo gumpaste baby tennis shoes.  They are so cute you won’t want to miss it!

Until next time…”Keep Life Sweet!”