Hello everyone,

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Pulled and Cast Sugar can check out the May/June edition of the American Cake Decorating Magazine for my 4 page Tutorial.  You can learn to build a beautiful sugar garden with a few tricks to making sugar and isomalt work for you.  Let me know what you think of the article!

We had a wonderful time teaching the Isomalt Class Series up in Jacksonville last weekend!  Thank you Jane and Patrice for hosting us and inviting us back in the fall to continue with advanced classes.  I included a few pictures of Patrice’s Masks.   Patrice will be teaching her Celebration Masks at the ICES Convention in North Carolina in August!  She is amazing.  You can see a  few of Simi’s custom molded sugar pieces fit very well with the blue mask.

We are very excited the Florida ICES Day of Sharing is next Sunday 6/26 here in Melbourne!  If you would like to register for a wonderful day of learning, networking, and cake fun go to http://www.flices.org.  I’ll be giving a demo on sugar work along with other very talented cake artists you won’t want to miss.

Keep Life Sweet!





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