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Hello everyone,

Thank you to our amazing students in Panama City and Gulfport, MS for hosting Simi Cakes Sugar Classes last month!  We had such a great turn out even with the threat of Hurricane Isaac looming in the background!  We were so glad to hear that your areas didn’t sustain any major damage.  We will be on the road again starting next week to the northeast and we can’t wait to see all our northern cake friends next!  Thank you to Icing Images, Satin Ice, and Get Sassie for supporting our classes.  We couldn’t do it without you!

We filmed our first DVD this month and hope to release it in the fall.  A huge thank you to Chris Kridler for her amazing photography and videography.  We had quite a fun day of filming trying to work through a huge rain storm with rain hitting a skylight, the weather alarm going off, and thunder in the background!  Chris can work her magic in editing and we can’t wait to see the final project.  You can follow Chris’s exciting adventures, and I mean EXCITING, on her blog and website:  http://www.chriskridler.com/

Have you checked out all the tutorials on our website?!?  I just put the new Spun Sugar Bowls tutorial I wrote for CakeFu.com on there today.  There are more than 12 tutorials to check out.  See them here:

http://www.simicakes.com/Tutorials.php and check out the new one here:  http://www.cakefu.com/quick-and-elegant-spun-sugar-bowl/


Up Coming Classes


Sept 21/22-Southbury, CT at Ladybug Cake & Candy Supply http://ladybugcakeandcandy.com/


6-8:30pm-Casting Isomalt including gems, molds, Icing Images, and more! 


9-11:30-Pulled and hand sculpted Isomalt Roses & blown sugar bubbles

12-6pm-Koi Pond Sculptures-Blown and sculpted Koi with pond and water lily, including airbrushing isomalt class


Sept 23-Colonia, NJ Sweet Treat Cake Competition http://thejerseyitgirl.com/cake_competition_FORMS.html

12:30-3pm-Blown Sugar Bubbles & Pulled Sugar Roses


Sept 29/30-Mobile, AL 2 Day Isomalt Class Series www.simicakes.com


9-5- Casting gems, molds, Icing Images, & more!  Pulled sugar garden sculptures.  Blown sugar bubbles and spun sugar


9-6- Hand pulled, multi-colored ribbons and bows, Stained glass sugar, blown sugar dolphins, swans, and hummingbirds.


Oct 7-Palm Bay, FL at Simi Cakes www.simicakes.com

10-2-Basic Buttercream & Fondant Techniques

2:30-6-Gumpaste Water Lilies & Fondant Figures


Nov TBA UK Isomalt Classes-More info Soon!


Nov 17/18-Netherlands Master Class-Isomalt Techniques  http://www.cakeatelier.nl/international-masterclasses/isomalt-simicakes/


Dec 8-Jacksonville, FL-Holiday Isomalt   www.simicakes.com

12:30-6pm-Poinsettias, snowmen, snowflakes and more!


Dec 9-Palm Bay, FL at Simi Cakes- Holiday Isomalt  www.simicakes.com

1-4pm-Poinsettias, snowmen, snowflakes and more!


Tip of the Week


This week’s tip comes from my wonderfully sweet and talented Wilton Instructor, Betty Redd:

If you want an ubber delicious pineapple upside down cake, use virgin coconut oil to substitute for equal amounts of whatever fat the cake calls for.

Here is the recipe I used to hand out when I sold Princess House.  I modified the recipe so that I used ½ cup virgin coconut oil instead of 1 stick butter.  Then I replaced the stick of butter in my boxed cake mix with another ½ cup of coconut oil.  I think this will work for any recipe. 

What’s nice about this covered casserole dish is that it keeps things from sticking.  However it took my cake over an hour to bake.  I don’t think the given recipe bake time is correct.  It is a dense cake, so it took almost 1.5 hours to bake in this casserole dish.  If you use a regular cake pan, make sure you prepare the pans as usual.  Enjoy-Betty





1 stick of Butter

1 20 oz. Can Sliced Pineapple (drained)

1 cup Brown Sugar

1 Yellow Cake Mix


Put melted butter in 3Qt Fantasia Covered Casserole. Drain sliced pineapple and place slices in bottom of dish.  Sprinkle brown sugar over pineapple


Prepare cake mix according to package directions using pineapple juice in lieu of water.  Pour over pineapple and brown sugar. Cover


Bake at 350º for 45 minutes.


Until next time,

Keep Life Sweet!