Isomalt & Icing Images Sculpture that Jackie Coughlin & I demoed at ICES 13

Isomalt & Icing Images Sculpture that Jackie Coughlin & I demoed at ICES 13

Isomalt Sculpture that Mike Terry & I demoed at ICE 13

Isomalt Sculpture that Mike Terry & I demoed at ICE 13

Isomalt & Royal Icing Bird Feeder that Dawn Parrott & I demoed at Cake Camp

Isomalt & Royal Icing Bird Feeder that Dawn Parrott & I demoed at Cake Camp

Isomalt Sculpture demoing the Marvelous Molds, color by the Sugar Art and Simi Blown and Hand Pulled Isomalt

Isomalt Sculpture demoing the Marvelous Molds, color by the Sugar Art and Simi Blown and Hand Pulled Isomalt

Isomalt Flower I created for the ICES 13 Isomalt Sculpture demo

Isomalt Flower I created for the ICES 13 Isomalt Sculpture demo

Simi Cakes & Confections 


Hello Everyone!

The summer has flown by with Cake Camp, Icing on the Cake Show, ICES 13 in Lexington and cake classes.  I have to thank all of the wonderful sugar artists who have stopped by to play sugar and demo at my booth or use Simi Isomalt in their own classes!  Amelia Carbide, Jay Qualls, Marina Sousa, James Roselle, Dawn Parrott, Terri Tarbox, Mike Terry, Joshua Simpson, Liz Dickson, Michelle Boyd, Jackie Coughlin, Gracie Prainito, Brenda Byrd, and last but certainly not least Kathy Scott!  Everyone’s work was exciting and so unique.  And a huge thank you to Icing Images, The Sugar Art, and Marvelous Molds who asked me to demo their products.  We were excited to cross paths with many of our cake friends that we usually see in their hometowns and we always wish there was more time to hang out and relax.  But the big shows are fast paced and have a full schedule, so we are happy at least we see everyone as much as we did!  

This was the first time we crossed the country by car instead of plane and we tried to stay on Route 66 as much as possible to visit every cheesy fun spectacle just off the road.  Later this month we’ll have a chance to take it further north and see the other end.  We started out at Cadillac Ranch in Texas and spray painted the cars.  It’s a lot of fun to stay in roadside motels that have been refurbished to look retro from the 1950’s, but they come complete with flat screen TVs and fridges, but don’t look for an ice machine because it wasn’t there originally! We saw everything from the Grand Canyon and Indian Pueblos to Pawn Stars pawn shop and Duck Commander headquarters to aliens at the UFO museum in Roswell.  We took an elevator 79 stories down into Carlsbad Caverns and were in awe and really quite inspired as artists.  We got caught in the middle of monsoons in the desert, sand storms that looked like the world was on fire in New Mexico, and water leaks over our heads at a restaurant in Caesars Palace!  When we started the summer we wondered if it would be hard to travel that long by car, but it turned out to be quite relaxing and we laughed a lot.  We get to stop in so many towns to see amazing cake friends along the way.  We are truly blessed to have met such wonderful talented artists. 

Some of our favorite memories involve the morning drives to Cake Camp with our car loaded with the Simi Cakes crew, Kathy & Dennis Scott, and Cheryl of Edible Artists Network.  By the time we all arrived to work we had laughed so hard from Kathy & Dennis’s words of wisdom that the day could only be great.  Congratulations to Kathy Scott for being elected President of ICES at convention in Lexington last week.  It’s her third term as president and sets a new record! 

By the way, you can check out all of our pictures on my facebook photos section and see a small sample of our summer!  https://www.facebook.com/sidney.galpern/photos_all  Enjoy!

We will be heading to Tulsa Cake Retreat next week and have added a few more classes.  Make sure you check our schedule often as we are adding new classes all the time!  We will be on the road quite a bit the rest of the year and hope to travel to your town.  If your town isn’t on the schedule shoot us an email at info@simicakes.com and we will see what we can do to get you close to a class!     


Classes & Events with Simi Cakes

Aug 23-24 Tulsa, OK -Tulsa Cake Retreat  http://www.allthingscakeshop.com/Tulsa-Cake-Retreat.html
8-11am         Hand Pulled Isomalt Flowers
           Intro to Casting-Brooch Bouquet
      Chocolate Sculpture Class
           Vendor & Demos all day
2 hour
           Blown Sugar Fantasy Flower
2 hour
           Isomalt Gear Sculpture
      Cupcake Toppers in Chocolate, Fondant, & Isomalt Techniques
Sept 5-Ft. Walton Bch, FL-Just Think Cake 
5-9pm           Gumpaste Coral Reef Workshop
Sept 8-Houston-Houston Cake Club Cake Decorating Extravaganza-    
9-4pm           Day of Sharing Demo with Debbie Brown, Liz Dickson, Gary Homan, Ximina Sempertegui, & Me!
                   Vendoring at our booth
Sept 13,14 & 15 Sweet Life Cake & Candy Supply, 
5-8pm           Intro to Casting Isomalt
       Intro to Casting Isomalt
           Isomalt Ribbons & Bows with Brooch Centers
      Pulled Sugar Gardens
           Blown Sugar Sculptures
           Advanced Isomalt Flowers with Airbrush and Painting
Sept 22 & 23-Greensboro, NC with the Central Carolina Cake Club 
12-2pm         Casting Isomalt
           Fall Isomalt Flowers
       Isomalt Bows & Ribbons
           Blown Sugar Bubbles & Hearts Sculpture
Oct 3, 4, 5-Las Vegas, NV-Sweet House Confectionery Supply 
Thurs 5pm     Isomalt Demos at the Store-Come join us for a fun and creative  Halloween themed evening
Fri 6 hours
     Holiday Isomalt Basics Workshop-Cast, Pulled, and Blown Sugar/Isomalt Hands-on Workshop
Sat 6 hours
    Isomalt Basics Workshop-Cast, Pulled, and Blown Sugar/Isomalt Hands-on Workshop

Oct 6,7,8,&9 IBIE Las Vegas

Demos at the Pfeil & Holing Booth #2521, Satin Ice, The Sugar Art

Oct 12, 13, 14-Austin, TX-Make it Sweet  http://www.allinonebakeshop.com/
Demos and classes TBA
Oct 19 & 20-Westminster, MD-Great American Cake Show-Class, Demos, Vendoring with Simi Cakes

Oct 24, 25, 26, & 27 2013-Ladybug Cake & Candy, Southbury, CT  http://ladybugcakeandcandy.com/

Teen Isomalt Class, Cupcake Classes, Gumpaste Sea Sculpture and more info TBA!
Nov 9, 10-Guest Instructor Tami Utley Comes to Simi Cakes http://www.sugarartbytami.com/


8-11                                 Cymbidium Orchids

11-1                                 Chocolate Wraps

1:30-5:30      Elegant Cutwork


8-9                                     Finish Cymbidium Orchids

9-12             Bas Relief Fall Fairies
Nov 15, 16, 17-Chicago, IL-American Baking & Sweets Show  http://americasbakingandsweetsshow.com/

Nov 18 & 19-Chicago, IL-Edible Artists Network http://www.edibleartistsnetwork.com/

Mon 9-1        Blown Sugar Sculptures

Mon 2-5:30    Chocolate Sculptures

Tues 9-5        Isomalt Ruffle Rose & Pleated Fabric Cakes

Dec 7-Jacksonville, FL-Host Cathy David to sign up info@simicakes.com

TBA              Isomalt Flower Class

Jan 24-26 Florida ICES Mini Classes-Orlando FL www.flices.org

Feb 22-23-Austin, Tx -That Takes the Cake Show  http://thattakesthecake.org/index.php/main/

March 15 & 16 Nashville, TN-Tennessee ICES Isomalt Classes & Day of Sharing

Sat-              Isomalt Classes

Sun-             Day of Sharing and Isomalt Demos

March 2014-Marlton, NJ-Garden State Cake Show  http://www.gscakeshownj.com/
March 29 & 30-Fairfax, VA-National Capital Area Cake Show http://www.cakeshow.org/

July 31-Aug 3-Albuquerque, NM-ICES 14 www.ices.org


Tip of the Week

Did you know there are free tutorials on the Swank Cake Designs website?  You will find free tutorials from Wayne Steinkopf on a gift box and bow, Lauren Kitchens Monkeying Around with modeling chocolate, Debbie Goard’s amazingly realistic celery, Kara Bustos perfectly ganached cakes, and my Simi Isomalt Sculptures!  Enjoy them all! 

Go to:



Until Next Time…

Keep Life Sweet,






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