New!  Our Simi Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage Class

New! Our Simi Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage Class

New!  Our Simi Isomalt Halloween Cake Topper Clas

New! Our Simi Isomalt Halloween Cake Topper Clas

Tami Utley's Cymbidium Orchid Class

Tami Utley’s Cymbidium Orchid Class

Tami Utley's Bas Relief Fall Fairy Class

Tami Utley’s Bas Relief Fall Fairy Class

Tami Utley's Chocolate Wrap Class

Tami Utley’s Chocolate Wrap Class

Tami Utley's Gelatin Bee Class

Tami Utley’s Gelatin Bee Class


Simi Cakes & Confections

Hello everyone! 

We are so ready to get back on the road for Fall!  We will criss cross the country in the next few months and hope to see you along the way!  We are setting up our schedule for next year with wonderful new classes and it’s filling up fast, so if you are interested in setting up a class at your location contact us right away! 

We are so excited that our amazingly talented cake artist friend, Tami Utley aka Sugar Art by Tami, will be joining us again Nov 9 & 10 in Rockledge, Florida!  You can see her articles in both American Cake Decorating and Edible Artists Network Magazines this month!  And you can find her work on Yummyarts.com and at her website http://www.sugarartbytami.com/.  Tami will be teaching 4 amazing decorating classes here in Florida-Cymbidium Orchids, Chocolate Wraps, Bas Relief Fall Fairy, and Gelatin Bumble Bees.  Make sure you don’t miss here while she is here!  For more information or to sign up email us at info@simicakes.com . 

Fall Classes & Events 


Sept 22 & 23-Greensboro, NC with the Central Carolina Cake Club buttercream2011@gmail.com

  Casting Isomalt
Fall Isomalt Flowers
  Isomalt Bows & Ribbons
  Blown Sugar Bubbles & Hearts Sculpture 


Oct 3, 4, 5-Las Vegas, NV-Sweet House Confectionery Supply http://www.sweethouselv.com/
5pm    Isomalt Demos at the Store-Come join us for a fun and creative evening
Fri 6 hours
    Holiday Isomalt Basics Workshop-Cast, Pulled, and Blown Sugar/Isomalt Hands-on Workshop
6 hours
   Isomalt Basics Workshop-Cast, Pulled, and Blown Sugar/Isomalt Hands-on Workshop 


Oct 6,7,8,9-Las Vegas, NV-IBIE Baking Show-demos with Pfeil & Holing & Satin Ice Plus a few surprises!  http://www.bakingexpo.org/ 


Oct 12, 13, 14-Austin, TX-Make it Sweet  http://www.allinonebakeshop.com/
10-11am  Free Casting Isomalt Demo
  Casting Isomalt Class
  Isomalt Ribbons & Bows with Brooch Centers
     Free Blown Sugar Demo-Swans & Hummingbirds
  Halloween Cake Topper Class
     Stained Glass Isomalt
           Fall Isomalt Flowers 


Oct 19 & 20-Westminster, MD-Great American Cake Show-Class, Demos, Vendoring with Simi Cakes


8-11:30  Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage Cake Topper


Oct 24, 25, 26, & 27 2013-Ladybug Cake & Candy, Southbury, CT  http://ladybugcakeandcandy.com/


6-9pm Cupcake Toppers with Chocolate, Isomalt, & Fondant


6-10pm  Gumpaste Seascape


9-1pm Beginning Isomalt for Teens 12-18 Halloween Cake Topper

2-5pm Chocolate Sculptures


10-2pm  Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage Cake Topper


Nov 2 & 3-New Orleans, LA-Isomalt Classes info@simicakes.com

Class information To Be Announced Soon! 


Nov 9 & 10-Guest Instructor Tami Utley Comes to Simi Cakes info@simicakes.com


8-11  Cymbidium Orchids

11-1  Chocolate Wraps

1:30-4:30 Bas Relief Fall Fairy

4:30-5:30  Finish Cymbidium Orchids


9-12  Gelatin Bumble Bees 


Nov 10-Miami, FL, Sweet Life Cake & Candy Supply Isomalt Workshops  http://www.sweetlifecakesupply.com/

10:30-12:30 Casting Isomalt

1:30-3:30 Isomalt Roses & Calla Lilies

4-6pm Blown Sugar Sculptures 


Nov 15, 16, 17-Chicago, IL-American Baking & Sweets Show



Nov 18 & 19-Chicago, IL-Edible Artists Network http://www.edibleartistsnetwork.com/

Mon 9-1  Blown Sugar Sculptures

Mon 2-5:30  Chocolate Sculptures

Tues 9-5  Isomalt Ruffle Rose & Pleated Fabric Cakes 


Dec 7-Jacksonville, FL-Host Cathy David to sign up info@simicakes.com

1-5pm    Isomalt Flower Class 


Dec 8-Miami, FL, Sweet Life Cake & Candy Supply Holiday Isomalt Workshops http://www.sweetlifecakesupply.com/

10:30-12:30-Casting Holiday Isomalt

1:30-3:30-Isomalt Bows & Ribbons with Brooch Centers

4-6pm-Blown Sugar Snowmen and Spun Sugar


Until Next Time…

Keep Life Sweet,






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