Isomalt Winter Sculpture

Isomalt Winter Sculpture

Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage

Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage

Gumpaste Coral Reef

Gumpaste Coral Reef

Chef Michelle "Mitchie Munchies" Curran's A Night Before Christmas with Simi Isomalt as Snow!  26 Hours to create this amazing scene for Make A Wish!

Chef Michelle “Mitchie Munchies” Curran’s A Night Before Christmas with Simi Isomalt as Snow! 26 Hours to create this amazing scene for Make A Wish!

Simi Cakes & Confections


Hello everyone, 

I hope you all are creating wonderful cakes, cookies, and surprises for Christmas!  Please send us your pictures to share on Face Book and Twitter, we love to show you off!




It’s not too early to think about January in Florida at the Florida ICES Mini Classes!  From Jan 24 through the 26 in Orlando it’s an all star line up of amazing teachers, a great vendor hall with extra hours this year and a new Night of Sharing Social!  I’ll be teaching the Gumpaste Coral Reef & the Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage and we will be demoing all weekend at our booth in the vendor hall.  Stop in to shop and take a few classes too!  All the info is on the website: http://www.flices.org/


Check out: Michelle “Chef Mitchie” Curran of Las Vegas, who created “Marley’s at the Door” from A Christmas Carol in a cake decorating collaboration for Bake a Christmas Wish to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation.
The movie and scene she chose to re-create in edible medium is from the 2009 animated version of “A Christmas Carol”. As Ebenezer Scrooge returns to his home from his bleak & miserable work day he encounters his old business partner in place of his home’s door knocker. The scene from the animated version is INTENSE & SUSPENSEFUL!

With almost 10 edible mediums, including Simi Isomalt for the snow, this project took nearly 26 hours to create.  Each brick is carved by hand and used 3 shades of petal dust to make it look aged. She wanted to capture every intricate detail possible in this project to make it realistic. Chef Mitchie says, “By far, my favorite part is the snow. I love how the final picture allows you to sense how cold the stone is.  I’m very proud to have been asked to take part in this beautiful artistic collaboration.”  Check out Chef Mitchie’s facebook and other cakes at the Bake a Christmas Wish links below:



Upcoming Classes and Events


Dec. 22-Orlando-Holiday Isomalt  info@simicakes.com

9-12noon              Casting Poinsettias, icicles, snowflakes, ornaments and more in isomalt 

Jan 24-26-Florida ICES Mini Classes-Orlando FL www.flices.org

Vendoring and demos all weekend


11:30-2:30            Gumpaste Coral Reef

3-6pm                    Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage 

Feb 15- New Orleans Beginning & Advanced Isomalt Classes  mausb90@yahoo.com

Mardi Gras Isomalt Classes TBA

Feb 22-23-Austin, Tx -That Takes the Cake Show  http://thattakesthecake.org/index.php/main/

Sun 8:30-11:30 Victorian Isomalt Class

Sat/Sun-Demos and Vendoring at our Booth 

March 15, 16, 17-Nashville, TN-Tennessee ICES Isomalt Classes & Day of Sharing

Contact Heather: LetThemEatCupcakes@comcast.com


10-12                     Chocolate Garnishes

2-5pm                    Chocolate Sculptures


Day of Sharing and Isomalt Demos Westward Balloon!


8:30-10:30            Intro to Casting Isomalt

12-5pm                  Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage

March 29 & 30-Fairfax, VA-National Capital Area Cake Show http://www.cakeshow.org/

Chocolate & Isomalt Classes, Demos and Vendoring at our booth

April 12 & 13-Farmington, NM Isomalt Classes TBA with DOS

Isomalt Spring Sculpture Class 

May 2-4-Frosting Creators of San Antonio, TX  http://www.frostingcreators.com/

Isomalt & Chocolate Classes and DOS Demos along with Vendoring 

July 12, 13, 14-Shreveport, LA-Icing on the Cake Competition

July 31-Aug 3-Albuquerque, NM-ICES 14 www.ices.org

Oct 19 & 20-Westminster, MD-Great American Cake Show-Class, Demos, Vendoring with Simi Cakes


Tip of the Week!

Have you checked out SugarEd Productions Sugar Art School by Sharon Zambito? It’s amazing! I spend hours watching and learning.  Great video and written tutorials with step by step instructions that are extremely comprehensive.  There are celebrity guest instructors like Kathleen LangeWayne Steinkopf too.   New tutorials with Sharon and new celebrities are added all the time.  There is an online community message board, printable recipe bank, on-line resources, shopping and so much more. It’s a great price at $100 a year or with monthly payment options at $10 a month.  There is a premium subscription with one on one consultations with Sharon and 20% off discount in the store.

  Here’s the link:

Keep Life Sweet,




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