It’s been great fun the last few months working with so many great sugar artists on the road!  In Austin, TX Dawn Parrott and I created a beautiful vase of flowers with Simi Isomalt, Dawn’s amazing piping and painted in Sarah Myers new Steampunk Sugar Art Color Set. You can find the colors atwww.thesugarart.com .  You can find Dawn Parrott’s wonderful royal icing videos on her websitehttp://www.dawnparrott.com/

A big thank you to Jay Qualls, http://jayqualls.com/, for joining me for the Tennessee Day of Sharing and helping me with my demo on Westward to ICES Balloon.  You might remember Jay from The Taste and Next Great Baker.  We had a great time getting everyone excited to travel to Albuquerque for convention in July/August.  We created a fun scene with a hot air balloon in the clouds over the desert.  Thank you to the TN ICES and Heather Longpre for inviting me!

In Fairfax, Wayne Steinkopf, co-owner of Swank Cake Design, and I created a beautiful little one tier wedding cake.  I worked with my Simi crystal clear isomalt and drop mold and Wayne used Fat Daddio’s Heart Medallion Lace cutter/embosser, FMM Primrose Cutters, Swank Cake Design Blossom Press, The Sugar Art Super Pearl luster dust.    You can find all of the Swank products on www.swankcakedesign.com

Congratulations to Rebecca Sheer for winning our first ever Isomalt Award at That Takes the Cake in Austin, TX and to Daniel Corpuz for winning our Showpiece Award at National Capital Area Cake Show in Fairfax, VA!  We love all the amazing pieces that were put into the shows and encourage even more participation next year.  Stay tuned and I’ll post the links as they become available.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is DecoGel!  New Decogel is a wonderful gummy material that you heat and pour into molds from Icing Images.  It sets up in just a few minutes and is fun, beautiful, flexible decoration to your cakes and cupcakes!  DECOgel can be frozen, refrigerated or left at room temperature. As a gelatin based product, it can eventually melt in the hot sun, however your cake will melt faster!  With a texture similar to a gummy bear, DECOgel has a slight vanilla taste to match almost any flavor product you adhere it to.  DECOgel can be poured on any edible picture or iDesignsTM print, then peeled away after setting to create an amazing image or pattern on the gel. DECOgel works beautifully with just about any mold, from high priced, high detailed molds, to inexpensive chocolate molds. Use clear or white DECOGel to create any color. Mix colors together to create new colors, or swirl them for amazing effects.  There are great video tutorials on the website.  Check them out: http://www.icingimages.com/decogel

Keep Life Sweet,


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