Isomalt Cornucopia, hand pulled sugar/isomalt airbrushed color

Isomalt Cornucopia, hand pulled sugar/isomalt airbrushed color

Isomalt Dragon, hand pulled sugar/isomalt airbrushed color

Isomalt Dragon, hand pulled sugar/isomalt airbrushed color

Simi Lace Silicone Mat

Simi Lace Silicone Mat


Simi Cakes & Confections

Hello everyone, 

Hope you are having a very safe and happy Memorial Day!


Join me and host, Amelia Carbine, tomorrow for my free master training on CakeFu.com!

It’s a day early-TUESDAY, not Wednesday!!!!

I’ll be teaching a layering technique with isomalt to create a beautiful 3-D Summer Sculpture with raised features that anyone can master!

I’ll be giving away a fun summer molding kit with Isomalt and a discount code you can grab too!

See you tomorrow, May 27 at 10:30 Pacific Time (1:30 pm EST).  Repay will be available after the training on CakeFu.com

It’s free, but you do have to register:


You can check out my other CakeFu Master Trainings here along with the most incredible sugar and cake artist’s trainings:

Jan 6, 2014-Rockabilly Cake:  http://www.cakefu.com/cakefu-masters-training-sidney-galpern-2/

Oct 7, 2013-Amazing Uses for Cupcake Impression Mats: http://www.cakefu.com/cakefu-masters-training-sidney-galpern/

July 3, 2012-Isomalt Water Lily:  http://www.cakefu.com/next-cakefu-masters-training-sidney-galpern/

For a list of all TEN pages of CakeFu Master Trainings with their links check out:




So many new molds in our online store!!!  Beautiful lace mat, jewelry, rings, sea life, snail, frogs, snowflakes, purses, buttons, flowers, and more!

Check out all of our great new and classic molds we carry at:


and also find them at many cake supply stores near you:  http://www.simicakes.com/Links.php


Upcoming Classes & Events

May 27-CakeFu Master Training  http://www.cakefu.com/

1:30est                        Isomalt Layering                      

June 7 & 8-Southbury, CT, Ladybug Cake & Candy http://ladybugct.com/

Sat 9-12                      Gumpaste Gnome

1-5                               Ice Cream & Candy Dream in Isomalt

Sun 12-5                      Isomalt Tea Set

June 14-Jacksonville, FL-A Bakers Paradise http://www.abparadise.com

10-1pm                         Gumpaste Gnome

2-5pm                           Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage

June 21 & 22-Daytona Bch, FL, Florida ICES Day of Sharing  www.flices.org

Vendoring and demos at the booth, Classes with Norm Davis, Zane Beg, and Stephanie Stelliga

June 28, 29 & 30-Lubbock, TX-ICES Day of Sharing

Sat                               Isomalt Tea Set

Sun                              Day of Sharing Demos & Vendors

Mon                             Isomalt Garden Gnome & More

July 11, 12, 13, 14-Shreveport, LA-Icing on the Cake Competition

Fri 6-8pm                    Casting Isomalt

Sat                               Vendoring/Demos/Judging

Sun 9-11                      Isomalt Ribbons & Bows

12-5                             Isomalt Tea Set

6-8pm                          Isomalt Fall Flowers

Mon 9-3pm                  Day of Sharing

4-8                                Victorian Isomalt

July 31-Aug 3-Albuquerque, NM-ICES 14 www.ices.org

Vendor booth #516 Demos all weekend with special guests!

Class Fri 2-4pm           Gumpaste Sea Turtle

Demo Sun 9:30            Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage

August 9-12-Austin, Tx-Make it Sweet  http://makeitsweet.com/  Classes tba & free demo

August 23-24 Jamaica, New York  Desirable Cake http://desirablecake.com/  Classes tba

Sept 12-13 Richardson, TX Cake Carousel  http://www.cakecarousel.com/  Classes tba

Sept 14-Houston Cake Extravaganza  http://www.houstoncakeclub.com/dosmain.htm

Sept 20-21-Greensboro, NC Isomalt Classes hosted by Central Carolina Cake Club info TBA

Fall 2014-Lafayette Isomalt Classes- A Baker’s Choice http://abakerschoice.com/  TBA

Fall 2014-Tulsa, Ok All Things Cake Classes TBA

Fall 2014-West Palm Beach, FL Cakes Etc Classes TBA


Fall 2014-Miami, FL Sweet Life Cake & Candy Classes TBA

Oct 3-5-Vancouver, BC  Cake Love http://cakeloveyvr.com/
Oct 19 & 20-Westminster, MD-Great American Cake Show-Class, Demos, Vendoring with Simi Cakes


TBA                             Blown Sugar/Isomalt Angel Heart Wings
TBA                             Chocolate Piping 

Nov 2014-Birmingham, UK- NEC Cakes International http://www.cakeinternational.co.uk/

Nov 15-22-Cake Cruise, 7 nights out of Ft. Lauderdale http://www.cakecruise.com/ Isomalt Painting, Fondant, & Gumpaste Classes TBA

Jan 16, 17, 18-Florida Mini Classes, Daytona Bch, FL Class & Vendoring

Feb 21 & 22-Lafayette, LA-Cajun Cake Show

Feb 28 & 29-Austin, TX-That Takes the Cake Show

March 21 & 22-Fairfax, VA-National Capital Area Cake Show

Spring 2015-Guatemala City, Guatemala Isomalt & Chocolate Classes

***************More Classes being announced soon!***************

Tip of the Week

What’s your favorite tool NOT found in the cake aisle?!
Avalon Yarnes, www.AvalonCakes.com , compiled her 10 FAVORITE “not intended for cake” tools and HACKS in one convenient blog.

And she’s gotten the favorite tools from some of the top industry pros!

Avalon gave me permission to repost her blog to my newsletter so check out her favorite Non Cake Tools blog here to find great tips of the week:


Keep Life Sweet,


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