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Check out our great friend and talented cake artist, Teri Tarbox.  She has made quite a few You Tube Videos on the art of working with Icing Images in a variety of methods including using isomalt to make her Icing Images bows.  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTetLWAAmWC7aEAqsZgpo1w?feature=results_main

They are beautiful and her easy to follow tutorials make your cake go from “Flat to Fabulous” in no time.  After you check out her 8 educational videos, you can take her class, Fantasy Fun Flowers with Premium Icing Sheets, at the Cake Decorators of Tidewater 29th Annual Cake Show in Virginia Beach on Saturday, Oct 20 from 10-12 noon.  Here is the website:  http://www.cdotcakeshow.org/2012-class-information/teri-tarbox-s-classes/

We are so excited that Teri will be hosting us in Waldorf, MD to teach our Holiday Isomalt Fun Class.  Thanks Teri and we’ll see you Nov 4th!


Upcoming Simi Cakes Classes-


Nov. 2-3-      Southbury, CT at Ladybug Cake and Candy

                    Casting, Blown Sugar and Roses, Holiday Isomalt Fun


Nov. 4          Waldorf, MD Hosted by Teri Tarbox

                   Holiday Isomalt Fun


Nov. 9-10-     Belgium, Zoetjes & Toetjes

                   Demos & Vendoring


Nov 16-17-18-Lelystad, Netherlands at Cake Atelier

                   Isomalt Master Classes, Holiday Isomalt Fun, Intro to Isomalt


Dec 2            Palm Bay, FL at Simi Cakes

                   Holiday Isomalt Fun


Dec8             Jacksonville, FL Hosted by Cathy David

                   Holiday Isomalt Fun


Jan 12-13      Connecticut ICES  Information soon

Jan 18-19-20 Daytona Bch, FL at Florida Mini Classes

                   Classes and Vendor

                   www.awbksales.com Website will go live 10/15/12 

More Classes and Events listed soon at http://www.simicakes.com/


Until next time…

Keep Life Sweet,






It’s been an exciting year so far!  The first of the year my Undersea Sugar Bubble cake was featured in the ICES Magazine and I was accepted to teach a demo at the ICES convention in Reno this August on blown sugar dolphins, swans, and hummingbirds.  Can’t wait to get out west!  We had a wonderful time at the Florida ICES Mini Classes in Orlando.  There were 3 days of classes with spectacular sugar teachers from all over the country.  One of the highlights of the event for me was getting to teach Norm Davis to make a sugar bubble!  It was great to see all of our cake friends and family and we roomed with our great friends!  Next we headed over to the Festival of Chocolate at the MOSI Tampa to teach a few classes in tempering, blown sugar, and chocolate garnishes.  While we were there we checked out the Cocoa Couture Fashion Show dresses.  They were actually made out of chocolate candy wrappers and real chocolate.  And from Food Network fame, Paul Joachim was creating a life size cake sculpture of a beautiful woman.  He created his structure out of PVC, cake, then a ganache icing that in the end looked like bronze.  He left the back open so everyone knew it was cake and not metal!  He even invented techniques to create her legs.  It was a beautiful piece of art!  The next Festival of Chocolate will be at the UCF Arena April 27-29.  Check them out at www.festivalofchocolate.com


Is everyone getting ready for the Florida ICED Cake Competition in Ocala?  The theme this year is Masquerade Ball!  There are incredible prizes, gallery, classes, demos, vendors, live challenge, kid’s corner and so much more.  Get your registrations in as there are only 175 spots open for competition.  Register here at www.floridaiced.com  


And the Florida ICED is in need of Volunteers!!!! They need volunteers to help with ICED and would appreciate your amazing time to make it a great show. They will not be successful without volunteers! They would need you both days and part of a day or full. The first 30 volunteers will get free shirts, masks, beads, & bags of small goodies sent to us from our show sponsors! Free admission to the show all weekend. This does not include demo classes. So please let them know by contacting KNast7@gmail.com or MaureeWoodsFL@aol.com or RLMenz@yahoo.com with any questions about helping out.


We enjoy teaching for Josie and Jerry Jennings at Icing on the Cake in Ocala.  They have a brand new website and will be holding great classes and opening their online supply store.  Check them out at: 



We are excited to announce that Tami Utley, from Yummy Arts, will be back at Simi Cakes to teach again this November!  And Lisa Menz, Florida ICED Chairwoman, will be teaching her beautiful Sugar Veil Shoe this summer with us.  Keep checking the website for updates and class announcements.  As soon as we have the date it will be posted. 


Here is our spring schedule.  We will be adding classes soon so check back often.  If you have an event you would like added, or would like to sign up for a class and get more information, please email us at info@simicakes.com


Feb 5-Sunday-Ocala at Icing on the Cake with Sidney Galpern www.simicakes.com
10-11:30am-  Airbrushing 101-learn the basics to airbrushing, shading, stenciling, care and cleaning and more
12-3pm-        Advanced Airbrush-creating your own plastic stencils and carving and airbrushing a dragon head
3:15-5:15-     Elegant Chocolate Garnishes-Fancy fans, curls, and carnations with a sweep of your hand-fun with a pallet knife and tempering

Feb 10 Friday-Palm Bay at Simi Cakes www.simicakes.com 
1-3pm-         Homeschool Cake Class-Fondant Dogs

Feb 17 Friday-Pensacola-Patrice Drinkard teaching at the Panhandle Cake CRUMBS Competition www.patricespieces.org
All Day Class- Gumpaste Celebration Masks

Feb 18 Saturday-Palm Bay at Simi Cakes www.simicakes.com
10-12pm-Fondant Model Dogs
12:30-5:30pm-Carved Dog Cake- Carve, stack, and decorate a 2 foot 3-D dog cake

March 4-Sunday-Ocala at Icing on the Cake with Sidney Galpern www.simicakes.com
10-12pm-      Henna Cakes-Learn Henna Techniques to decorate ornate cakes
12:30-5:30-   Topsy Turvy Cakes-Build a 3 Tier Topsy Turvy Cake with a Cherry Blossom Theme-5 hours

March 9 Friday-Palm Bay at Simi Cakes www.simicakes.com 
1-3pm-         Homeschool Cake Class-Fondant Dragons

March 31 Ocala-Florida ICED Cake Competition-Simi Cakes & Confections  www.floridaiced.com
9-11am-        Carved Pillow Cakes-Michelle Galpern
3-4:30pm-     Undersea Cake with Blown Sugar Dolphin-Sidney Galpern

April 1 Ocala-Florida ICED Cake Competition www.floridaiced.com
10:45-11:45-  Mold Making-Michelle Galpern
1-3pm-          Gumpaste Tropical Flowers-Sidney Galpern

April 13 Friday-Palm Bay at Simi Cakes www.simicakes.com
1-3pm-         Homeschool Cake Class-Edible Origami

April 14 Saturday-Palm Bay at Simi Cakes www.simicakes.com
10-12pm-      Airbrushing 101 learn the basics to airbrushing, shading, stenciling, care and cleaning and more –
2:15-2:15-     Henna Cakes- Learn Henna Techniques to decorate ornate cakes
2:30-4:30-     Elegant Chocolate Garnishes-Fans, Curls, Carnations.  Fun with a Pallet Knife and tempering

April 27-29-Orlando-Festival of Chocolate with Sidney Galpern www.festivalofchocolate.com
Class schedule TBA

May 6 Sunday-Ocala-Icing on the Cake with Sidney Galpern www.simicakes.com
10-1pm-        Blown Sugar Animals:  Create Beautiful Dolphin, Swans, and Humming Birds-Advanced Sugar Class
1:30-6:30-     3 Tiered Pillow Cake-Carve, decorate, and assemble a beautiful 3 tier pillow cake

May 11 Friday-Palm Bay at Simi Cakes www.simicakes.com
1-3pm-         Homeschool Cake Class-Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Graduation

May 19 Saturday-Palm Bay at Simi Cakes www.simicakes.com
10-12pm-      Model Dragons
12:30-5:30-   3 Tiered Pillow Cake-Carve, Decorate, and assemble a beautiful 3 tier pillow cake

June 3 Sunday-Ocala-Icing on the Cake with Sidney Galpern www.simicakes.com
10-12pm-      Dog Modeling Class-Create several fondant model dogs
12:30-5:30-   Carved Dog Cake-Carve, stack, and decorate a 2 foot 3-D dog cake

June 9 Saturday-Palm Bay at Simi Cakes www.simicakes.com
10-12pm-      Edible Origami and Gelatin Bows

12:30-5:30-   Topsy Turvy 3 Tiered Cake with a Cherry Blossom Theme

Summer TBA-Palm Bay at Simi Cakes with Lisa Menz www.simicakes.com

Aug 4 Saturday-Reno, NV-ICES Convention www.ices.org
12:30-1:30-   Blown Sugar Dolphins, Swans, and Humming Birds by Sidney Galpern

 Nov TBA-Palm Bay-Tami Utely returns to Simi Cakes!  www.simicakes.com

                   Watch for updates!

More Summer and Fall Classes being announced soon for Ocala, West Palm Beach, Palm Bay, Alabama, and Greensboro, NC. 

Dates TBA:

Advanced Airbrush-creating your own stencils and carving and airbrushing a dragon head

Beer Bottle/Wine Glass Molding Class

Cake Skeletons-How to build PVC Structures for Incredible Carved Cakes

Edible Origami and Gelatin Bows

Blown Sugar Animals

Sugar Showpieces

Chocolate Showpieces

Basic Blown, Cast, and Pulled Sugar Classes returning

And watch for dates for Simi Cakes Kid’s Camp this summer!

Cake Tip:  We use a small stick on bubble level, found in the RV section of any Wal-Mart, attached to a very straight ruler to make sure all our cakes are completely level.  Because they are so inexpensive, we put several around the bakery so we always have one close at hand. 

Keep Life Sweet!

Sidney and Michelle



Here’s wishing everyone a Joyous Holiday and a Prosperous New Year!


Sidney, Michelle, and Mike

Events in 2012

1/13-15 Orlando, FL-Florida ICES Mini Classes-www.flices.org
9-5pm-Vendor Hall-Isomalt and Molding Demos at the Simi Booth

1/16 Tampa, Fl-Festival of Chocolate-Sidney Galpern- http://www.festivalofchocolate.com
12:00- Back to Basics-Tempering
1:00- Designing a Final Touch with Flair-Fancy & Artistic Dessert Garnishes
3:00- Blown Sugar Centerpieces and Ganache Filled Cupcakes

1/20 Palm Bay,FL-Homeschool Cake Dec Class-Sidney Galpern info@simicakes.com
1:00-3:00 Lifelike Edible Seashells, Coral, and Seahorses

2/5 Ocala, Fl-Sidney Galpern at Icing on the Cake info@simicakes.com
Airbrush 101
Blown Sugar Animals-Dolphin, Swan, and Hummingbird
Chocolate Curls, Carnations, and Fans-Fun with a Pallet Knife

TBA Palm Bay, FL Sidney Galpern- info@simicakes.com

Airbrush 101

Blown Sugar Animals-Dolphin, Swan, and Hummingbird

Chocolate Curls, Carnations, and Fans-Fun with a Pallet Knife

3/31 Ocala, Fl-Florida ICED Cake Competition-Simi Cakes & Confections
9-11am-Carved Pillow Cakes-Michelle Galpern
3-4:30pm-Undersea Cake with Blown Sugar Dolphin-Sidney Galpern

4/1 Ocala, Fl-Florida ICES Mini Classes-Simi Cakes & Confections
10:45-11:45am-Mold Making-Michelle Galpern
1-3pm-Gumpaste Tropical Flowers-Sidney Galpern

4/27-29 Festival of Chocolate, Orlando, Fl http://www.festivalofchocolate

8/2-5 ICES Convention, Reno, NV http://www.ices.org

Tip of the day:

Simple and Decadent Chocolate Ganache:

12 oz of your favorite dark chocolate-chopped small

6 oz of heavy cream

Place chopped chocolate in a bowl. Make sure you have a lid or plate to cover the bowl. In a small sauce pan bring the heavy cream to a boil and immediately pour the cream over the chocolate. Cover and let sit for 5 minutes. Whisk together when time is up. It is ready to pour over a cake or cool in the fridge to firm to use as a filling. Enjoy!


Hello everyone,

It was a great wrap up to the school year with the Homeschool Cake Class last week.  The students covered their cakes in fondant with vines, flowers, and butterflies.  Everyone did a beautiful and professional job!  We are planning 2 basic cake decorating classes over the summer that will be open to everyone.  I’ll let you know the details soon.  We finished up another series of Sugar/Isomalt Technique Classes and are looking forward to seeing everyone back for the advanced Stained Glass Sugar Class on the 15th.

I was invited by Jane Koon and Patrice Drinkard to teach in Jacksonville next month.  Patrice and I will be teaching the weekend of the 11th and 12th of June.  I’ll be teaching Isomalt Classes: 1,2,&3 and Patrice will be teaching her incredible Gumpaste Celebration Masks.  Patrice recently won the Florida ICED Cake Competition Grand Prize for her beautiful mask and she will be presenting at this years International Cake Exploration Societies International Convention.  For more information check out her website at http://www.patricespieces.org

Here is a list of my upcoming classes including Jacksonville:

Sugar/Isomalt Class Series
All supplies provided. Contact info@simicakes.com for more information

5/15/11        Melbourne, Fl
Class 4:  Advanced Techniques 2-4pm-Stained Glass Sugar
New Class-***Basic Silicone Mold Making 4:15-5:45pm
6/5/11           Melbourne, Fl
Class 2:  Sculpted and Pulled Sugar:Vines, Roses, Calla Lilies 12:30-2:30
Class 3:  Spun Sugar and Blown Bubbles 3-5pm

6/11/11         Jacksonville Classes
Class 1:  Casting Isomalt, Including Gems 10-12pm
Class 2:  Sculpted and Pulled Sugar: Vines, Roses, Calla Lilies 12:15-2:15
Class 3:  Spun Sugar and Blown Bubbles 3-5pm
6/12/11        Gumpaste Celebration Masks with Partrice Drinkard
for info contact Partice at http://patricespieces.org/

6/25/11        Melbourne, Fl
Class 1:  Casting Isomalt, Including Gems 10-12pm
Class 2:  Sculpted and Pulled Sugar: Vines, Roses, Calla Lilies 12:15-2:15
Class 3:  Spun Sugar and Blown Bubbles 3-5pm

The Brevard Cake Artist’s Club were very busy gathering donated items for the Florida ICES Day of Sharing at our last meeting.  All the money earned will go to the Florida ICES Scholarship Fund.  If you would like to donate a “cake” related item, please email us at http://www.info@simicakes.com.  We also had a demonstration by Tina on baby monkey figures in gumpaste and basic mold making with Michelle.  Next month Maritza will demo gumpaste baby tennis shoes.  They are so cute you won’t want to miss it!

Until next time…”Keep Life Sweet!”




Hello everyone,

I got great news this week that I graduated with honors from Ecole Chocolate School for the Chocolate Arts!  I am now a Certified Professional Chocolatier.  It was an incredible course and I couldn’t have done it without my great instructors at Ecole-Pam, Heidi, and Rachel.  It is amazing how much there is to learn about chocolate, after all it is one of the oldest foods on the planet!

I was invited to give a demonstration and teach the culinary students at Keiser University this week.  We had a great time making spun sugar bowls.  Thank you Chef Imondi for making me feel so welcome and I can’t wait to come back next rotation.

Sugar classes are in full swing.  We are offering Class 1 Cast Sugar, Class 2 Pulled Sugar, Class 3 Blown Sugar, Advanced Stained Glass Sugar Pieces, and Mold Making right now.  The classes will continue to repeat each month.  We are scheduling our May homeschool classes and a Basic Cake Decorating Class for June.  Stay tuned!

We had students from Jacksonville, Pt. Saint Lucie, Sarasota, Sanford, Daytona, and West Palm Beach at this months sugar classes.  Thanks everyone for traveling and for all your great feedback on the classes.  We are going up to Jacksonville in the next few weeks so watch for times and dates to sign up.

This month our homeschool cake class was on video game critters.  The boys in our group gave us the idea so they could make all the critters for their birthday cupcakes.  They were from Plants VS Zombies and Angry Birds.  Everyone did a great job and we were all able to make 30 pieces so mom didn’t have to spend the evening making them all herself!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

Keep Life Sweet!




Hello everyone,

The Filled Chocolate Class for homeschoolers was a huge success.  Everyone had an incredible eye for color and I was very impressed!  We filled chocolates with peanut butter, cookies, strawberries, cherries, and marshmallows.  Everything looked yummy!

Jeff’s birthday surprise was a replica of his VW Bug and surfboard.  The cake was a decadent chocolate with a mocha chocolate icing under fondant.  The surfboard was also chocolate!  It was so much fun putting it together.  I hope you had a great birthday Jeff!

The Florida Today Newspaper ran a story and video about my little business.  You can find the link here:  http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20110217/LIFE/102170303/BrevardCounty-teen-chef-creates-tasty-works-art?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|Home|p&odyssey=mod|dnmiss|umbrella|1 They will be running the video on Monday’s TV show, at 11:30am, 4:30 pm, and 10 pm on WBCC, channel 5 on Brighthouse, and 68 on other systems in Brevard County.  Chris Kridler was the reporter with an incredible talent.  She made the video look beautiful!

Sunday we have a full class for sugar/isomalt.  We will be casting gems, flowers, and sea life in sugar to name a few.

Keep Life Sweet!