Lady Bug and Ice Cream Social Cake Truffles


Happy Summer Sweet Friends!

Happy Summer Everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Weekend!  We rested and are ready to get back to work.  On Monday, June 4 we will be making Summer Treats on the local news show, Today in Brevard.  Tune in to see how to make cute little lady bug and ice cream social cake truffles.  It airs 11:30am, 4:30pm, and 10pm on WBCC-TV and a live video stream at 11:30am at www.floridatoday.com and then runs in their video section starting Tuesday.  Thank you to Producer Caroline Perez, Host Luann Manderville, and Cameraman Breuce for inviting me back for a third segment in the studio.  It has been great fun working with you all!  And watch for my blog in the next few days with an interview with producer Caroline Perez talking about video journalism and helpful hints on preparing and filming a good food segment. 

We have updated our website, so please check out all the new tutorials and videos we posted along with our new class list.  We are updating the store as well.  We’ll have the Water Lily Video and matching Molding Kit available very soon.  Please check back often for updates and new tutorials. 


Upcoming Isomalt Classes:

 Palm Bay, FL at Simi Cakes

June 10-Casting including Gems, Pulled Sugar Flowers and Garden, Blown Bubbles and more, Spun Sugar

July 15-Multi-Colored Bows & Ribbons, Stained Glass Sugar, Blown Dolphins, Swans, and Humming Birds

Fall and Winter-Advanced Isomalt Macaw and Koi Pond with Water Lily

Bedford, PA at the Cove Country Cake Show

Aug 18-3 Hours-Beginning Isomalt Techniques-Casting Gems, Beads, Molds, Icing Images and Pull Roses, Calla Lilies, Vines and Leaves to Create a Beautiful Sugar Garden Sculpture
Aug 19-3 Hours-Advanced Isomalt Techniques-Pull Beautiful Multi-Colored Bows and Learn Blown Bubbles, Hearts, and Dolphins, Finish with Spun Sugar Bowls

Gulfport, MS at the Elks Lodge

Aug 25-Casting Gems, Icing Images, Molds, Color, Pulled Sugar Flowers and Garden, Blown Bubbles and more, Spun Sugar
Aug 26-Stained Glass Sugar, Multi-Colored Pulled Ribbons and Bows, Blown Sugar Dolphin, Swan, and Hummingbird

Colonia, NJ at Sweet Treats Cake Competition  

Sept 23-Blown Sugar Bubbles & Pulled Sugar Roses Class

Palm Bay, FL at 
Simi Cakes

Nov 11&12-Tami Utely returns to Simi Cakes!  

For more information check our website:  http://www.simicakes.com/Classes.html  or email us at info@simicakes.com or call 321-543-3492


Tip of the Week

We would like to thank our good friend, Certified Master Sugar Artist Ruth Rickey, for offering the tip(s) of the week for us.  Ruth is very creative with color and now has her own line of petal and luster dusts. 

 Ruth’s Dusting Tips:

  • Layering your petal dust color on leaves and flowers with many colors to give them depth and to bring them alive
  • Don’t rub too hard, light pressure in application
  • You don’t have to be perfect-nature is not perfect
  • Don’t stop at one color on your project
  • I usually finishes with aubergine (dark eggplant) color
  • When you have finished dusting your leaves dip them in a glaze to give them their lifelike appearance
  • Flowers will look better steamed than glazed

One last note she suggests, “Just do not be afraid to use your petal dusts!  They aren’t meant to live on a shelf.”

Yesterday, Ruth was guest speaker on www.cakefu.com and did an entire presentation on dusting leaves.  You can see it here:  http://www.cakefu.com/masters-series/ruth-rickey-23/ .  She gave a special discount price on her dusts for the CakeFu attendees and is now extending the discount to Simi Cake readers until Monday.  You get all 25 petal dusts and 10 luster dusts for $100.  You can find the dusts and her class schedule on her website:  http://www.ruthrickey.com/  And check out her blog Sugar Zen at: http://sugarzen.wordpress.com/ for cake decorators

                    Until next time, Keep Life Sweet!






Simi Cakes

& Confections, llc

Just a quick note to let you know I have a tutorial on CakeFu.com on Carving and Decorating the 3D Dog Cake.  Here is the link:  http://www.cakefu.com/how-to-make-an-easy-3d-dog-cake/

I’ll be teaching the 3D Dog Cake in Ocala and Palm Bay in the upcoming months and it’s really great fun to carve this huge dog and see him all put together.

I look forward to writing upcoming articles on all things sugar!  Don’t forget to check out the bi-monthly CafeFu Master Series at http://www.cakefu.com and sign up for their training’s.  Thanks Amelia and CakeFu!

Enjoy and Keep Life Sweet,






Hello everyone,

Happy Fall!  There is finally a cool breeze and cakes won’t melt as fast on delivery!  We had a wonderful summer of cakes and always were worried about the hot weather.  We are looking forward to a few weddings that are much cooler!

Have you registered for the Florida ICES Day of Sharing in Jacksonville on Oct. 23?  It will be a great day of “Caring and Sharing!”  There will be wonderful demonstrations, cakes in the gallery (don’t forget to bring one), great prizes, recipes, tips and tricks, and networking with fellow cake decorators.  This event is for beginners to professionals and everywhere in between!  Hope to see you there!  Register at http://www.flices.org

Keep Life Sweet!

Sidney and Michelle


Hello everyone,

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Pulled and Cast Sugar can check out the May/June edition of the American Cake Decorating Magazine for my 4 page Tutorial.  You can learn to build a beautiful sugar garden with a few tricks to making sugar and isomalt work for you.  Let me know what you think of the article!

We had a wonderful time teaching the Isomalt Class Series up in Jacksonville last weekend!  Thank you Jane and Patrice for hosting us and inviting us back in the fall to continue with advanced classes.  I included a few pictures of Patrice’s Masks.   Patrice will be teaching her Celebration Masks at the ICES Convention in North Carolina in August!  She is amazing.  You can see a  few of Simi’s custom molded sugar pieces fit very well with the blue mask.

We are very excited the Florida ICES Day of Sharing is next Sunday 6/26 here in Melbourne!  If you would like to register for a wonderful day of learning, networking, and cake fun go to http://www.flices.org.  I’ll be giving a demo on sugar work along with other very talented cake artists you won’t want to miss.

Keep Life Sweet!





Hello everyone,

It has been a lot of fun working on all the graduation cakes this week.  In addition to Park Avenue Christian Academy and Bayside High School, I was able to make a few cakes for graduating seniors.  There were a wide variety of ideas to create fun new cakes.  May was a big birthday month as well.  Greg’s birthday golf cake is on it’s way to Ft. Lauderdale for his surprise party right now.  Can’t wait to hear all about it.

We were able to custom mold a 3 1/4 inch sugar sapphire with 12-1/2 inch sugar diamonds for the Laurel Street Bakery in New Orleans.  They are placing them in the largest class ring you will ever see!

I saw the final draft of the article for American Cake Decorating Magazine and it should come out this summer.  I wrote a tutorial on cast and pulled sugar/isomalt techniques.  I’ll let you know when it is out.

We are holding many classes through the month of June.  Make sure you check the website to sign up for sugar instruction in the Melbourne and Jacksonville areas.  We will be listing the basic cake decorating classes very soon.

“Keep Life Sweet”




Hello everyone,

The Filled Chocolate Class for homeschoolers was a huge success.  Everyone had an incredible eye for color and I was very impressed!  We filled chocolates with peanut butter, cookies, strawberries, cherries, and marshmallows.  Everything looked yummy!

Jeff’s birthday surprise was a replica of his VW Bug and surfboard.  The cake was a decadent chocolate with a mocha chocolate icing under fondant.  The surfboard was also chocolate!  It was so much fun putting it together.  I hope you had a great birthday Jeff!

The Florida Today Newspaper ran a story and video about my little business.  You can find the link here:  http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20110217/LIFE/102170303/BrevardCounty-teen-chef-creates-tasty-works-art?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|Home|p&odyssey=mod|dnmiss|umbrella|1 They will be running the video on Monday’s TV show, at 11:30am, 4:30 pm, and 10 pm on WBCC, channel 5 on Brighthouse, and 68 on other systems in Brevard County.  Chris Kridler was the reporter with an incredible talent.  She made the video look beautiful!

Sunday we have a full class for sugar/isomalt.  We will be casting gems, flowers, and sea life in sugar to name a few.

Keep Life Sweet!




What a fun week so far!

Monday started with a great class at Crane Community Center in Melbourne.  We made painted chocolates.  Everyone had great use of color!  I was very impressed.  You can find a list of classes for Crane and other venues I’ll be teaching at on my website under classes.

We made animal print cupcakes for the Education Department at the Brevard Zoo.  I cut fondant circles and used the animal print stencils with some black icing to create the print.  They turned out so cute.

American Cake Decorating Magazine featured us on their website for the work we did on the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Space Coast project.  You can view it here: http://www.americancakedecorating.com/idea-gallery.html.

We shot a video for the Today Newspaper on putting together a sugar sculpture.  I decided on an Florida undersea theme.  They will air it starting 2/17.  Chris Kridler was the reporter and I found out she is also a storm chaser.  She has an incredible website that documents storms here in Florida and other areas, especially Tornado Alley.  Her pictures and info on storms are phenomenal!  Please check it out at: http://skydiary.com/

We held a chocolate tasting featuring 13 different brands of chocolate.  They ranged from the some of the most expensive chocolates to grocery store brands.  The chocolate was judged on aroma, taste, mouth feel, lingering taste, and overall opinion.  The results were surprising!  The expensive chocolates did well, but 2 less expensive chocolates (Lindt 70% and Hershey’s) came out in the top 4.

I forgot to mention the train cake we made a few weeks ago.  It was for 8 year old Gabe.  He is a train fanatic!  He knows every detail of every train.  We made him a replica of a P-42 Amtrak train he actually rode on.  And his favorite animals are manatees, so there is a tiny manatee engineer driving the train.  It was such a relief that the cake was up to Gabe’s expectations!  He was so happy and surrounded his cake with all his manatee stuffed animals!  Happy Birthday Gabe!

The rest of the week is writing research papers for chocolate school and making the final Extreme cake for the viewing party.  Everyone is invited to come down to the Cocoa Beach Hilton from 6-9 this Sunday, 2/13, and meet the Hurston family and enjoy Brevard County at it’s finest.  We are very proud to be part of such a wonderful community project.

We are gearing up for the It’s All About Chocolate Extravaganza  on 2/27 to benefit the Brevard Jewish Community School and Livestrong.  We will be serving up tasty treats including our wonderful Cocoa Ganache Truffles.  Here is an article in the Today newspaper with info and where to get tickets:  Please check it out at: http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20110209/NEWS0307/102090307/Chocolate+extravaganza+a+benefit+for+Brevard++Jewish+Community+School

Next week I start a VW Bug cake!  Can’t wait!

Keep Life Sweet,



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